SIRCLO, an Indonesian e-commerce enabler, reduced time and costs by partnering with Wallex.

“We can save hours every week with Wallex’s online platform”

-Jane Aprillia Gosal, Finance Manager, SIRCLO


SIRCLO is an Indonesian e-commerce enabler and technology firm that helps businesses sell online by providing two types of solutions: Entrepreneur and Enterprise. SIRCLO Store, an online store management tool for SMEs to sell across three platforms (website, marketplace, and chat commerce), is available to entrepreneurs. SIRCLO offers end-to-end e-commerce enabling service through SIRCLO Commerce and an omnichannel technology development solution through ICUBE by SIRCLO in the enterprise category.

SIRCLO frequently uses software or vendors from nations outside of Indonesia to allow some of their services, and they must conduct frequent transactions with countries such as Singapore, the United States, China, and others from their Jakarta headquarters.

Since one of the group companies converted to Wallex, several of the other company entities have switched to Wallex for cross-border payments from Indonesia. They could use internet banking to complete a few low-value transactions, but high-value purchases would still require a trip to the bank branch.

2. Ineffective use of time

Because of the daily transaction limit and bank operating hours, making cross-border payments can take up to 3 hours. Not to mention the requirement to complete lengthy documentation during a branch visit.

3. High transfer fees and currency rates.

Their high-value transactions resulted in costly fees because the bank levied a percentage ( percent ) fee. Given a company’s requirement to move huge sums of money, this resulted in high expenses for all FX payments.


SIRCLO is able to save a substantial amount of money and improve efficiency in corporate spending by using Wallex’s flat-fee service in Indonesia instead of a percent fee.

Wallex’s user-friendly and secure online platform was simple to use and saved a lot of time and effort by eliminating the need for actual bank branch visits.

“We also don’t need to file a lot of paperwork; it saves time and the environment by using less paper!”


SIRCLO’s Finance team is now saving hours per week by utilizing Wallex’s online platform and simplified payment experience:

  • The ability to conduct business at any time and from any location.

With Wallex, you can expand your business and streamline your payments. Get in touch with one of our FX experts to find out how we can help you save time and money as you grow your company.