Closing the Gap in Language Diversity

“I believe we all have a basic desire to understand each other. In business, language plays a vital role in connecting and transferring knowledge.”

-Iskandar, General Manager of Wordsmith Group

Companies are beginning to realize that content is critical to enhancing their marketing efforts in this day and age of digital marketing. Businesses are turning to companies that provide digital content marketing services in their quest to create exceptional content. Wordsmith is one of these businesses, but with a difference. They specialize in copywriting and revision, as well as providing translation, interpreting, content writing, and editing services.

Small but powerful.

Wordsmith has a lengthy history in the field of language and content creation. Despite the fact that they have only been around since 2011, they claim to have 20 years of experience. The Wordsmith group has grown from a small team of three, including the CEO, to ten people in that time.

Wordsmith is a content creation company that works in over 14 different languages. That isn’t the only interesting statistic regarding Wordsmith staff, though. The majority of them are women, which Wordsmith admires and encourages.

Wordsmith’s services are used by many businesses to focus on their target market by addressing their pain points and answering any questions they may have.

They generally work with a variety of clientele, including corporations, non-governmental organizations, advertising agencies, and legal companies.

Not only is the text ‘translated,’ but it is also ‘localized.’

One of the things that set Wordsmith apart from other language service providers is that it not only ‘translates’ into the local language, but also adds localized terms and contextualizes them to ensure that the knowledge transfer is achieved.

When communicating a message, finding the appropriate local lingo might be difficult. As a result, it is critical for each Wordsmith employee to have strong enthusiasm for the language.

Attention to detail is another crucial quality that Wordsmith looks for in a new employee.

Women’s Empowerment is a project that aims to give women more opportunities.

Women make up the majority of Worksmith’s workforce.

“One of the reasons our staff is largely made up of women is because our founder has always wanted to provide many women an opportunity to flourish and have flexibility in their career.”

Yendi Amalia, the founder, has always wanted to create chances for women and housewives to work while still being able to care for their families.

That’s why Wordsmith gives their staff flexibility and allows them to work from home long before the pandemic forces everyone to work from home.

That is to say, a strong sense of belonging is critical for employees to bring their best selves to work and perform at their best.

Getting Through Difficult Times

Despite the fact that most businesses stopped down during the pandemic, Wordsmith continued to operate without suffering any losses. This is due to the fact that the services provided by Wordsmith Groups are crucial for any form of organization.

“Our main goal is for businesses to benefit from our services while also improving understanding and communication between stakeholders. As a result, we serve as a communication support tool, with the goal of delivering output in accordance with each project.”


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